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FAQ for partners

Petersburg.Travel is an innovation online booking project which makes exploring of St. Petersburg more comfortable, diverse and, which is very important, affordable.

Petersburg.Travel system is convenient and does not require any paperwork. It is integrated with popular Channel-Manager. Those who prefer to work without Channel-Manager can use Extranet system created and well thought out by our developers. Sign up and become a partner of Petersburg.Travel in just 15 minutes.

«Tourism industry is on the rise because more and more people search for beauty and comfort»

Frequently asked questions from Petersburg.Travel partners:

How to conclude an agreement with Petersburg.Travel company?

Just fill the application with the basic information on your object and send it. Then you'll have to confirm your registration by following the link sent to your email. The next step is to fill the information of your accommodation object including your payment details. Once all stages are completed the information will be sent to our partner department for the further check of information by our experts.

Do you raise any payment for registration?

Petersburg.Travel does not raise any payment for registration of your object at our website.

How can I enter data on a number of free rooms, prices, and other information on the object?

You can enter data for free rooms and prices online in Extranet system of Petersburg.Travel. If you have Channel - Manager, then there is no need to bring data in Extranet system. You can use Channel - Manager for changing your object information.

How will I receive booking confirmation?

Confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address specified by you (once booking is registered on the website).

How will the guest pay for hotel services?

You can specify your preferred payment way: non-cash payment or cash payment upon arrival.

What is the audience of Petersburg.Travel?

We work not only with Russian travelers but also foreign tourists. The audience of Petersburg.Travel is the whole world.

Can I participate in "Your Piter" program?

Yes, if you have a restaurant, a beauty salon, a spa-centre, or any other additional services you're welcome to write us partnership proposal. You can join "Your Piter" program by offering discounts for your services. This will bring you additional income not only from guests residing at your hotel but also from all users who book accommodation at our site.

How to increase the number of reservations?

Fill the object information correctly to increase the number of reservations and interest to it. Upload beautiful photos, write a nice description and specify real amenities.

Price category influences tourist's choice as well.